Reproduction & T/O Parts

Reproduction and T/O Parts For Sale

We buy and sell a variety of  Chevy and GMC parts.  Contact us with your needs or if you have good parts for sale in individual or quantity lots.  Have parts left from your restoration? We will consider taking NOS (new old stock) and T/O (used take off) parts in on trade toward the parts you need.  Contact us for more information.

Prices subject to change based on availability

Vehicles of Victory Payment Options:
Cash, Money Orders, Cashiers  (Bank) Checks or Paypal to “”   Good, personal checks made out to “Vehicles of  Victory, LLC” are accepted for orders under $200 (or from previous customers in any amount)

We also accept most major credit cards

Keep in mind we are NOT in Manhattan with a Fed-Ex office on the corner waiting for us to drop off your overnight shipment because two days before the big convoy you just checked your brakes and found you need shoes.  We are in the mountains of rural West Virginia and overnight shipments must be called in by first thing in the morning or they don’t go.  We also so are out on the road fairly often, so overnights are often difficult.  Please take this into account and be proactive with your inspections and orders. Express orders subject to a $15 shipping fee plus costs.

Mail payment to:
Tom Dienst, Vehicles of Victory, LLC, HC 61 Box 84, Capon Bridge, WV  26711

Please make sure you include what you are ordering AND your shipping address!

Reproduction Parts from VOV

Mud Flaps

Correct for Chevy, GMC, Studebaker, and most WWII trucks; These are the closest reproductions you will find. Pre-drilled for braces (below) and primed. $55 each

WWII Reproduction Mudflap

Mud Flap Braces

2 needed per mud flap; long for rear mud flaps, and short for front; Pre-drilled and primed.
$10 each

WWII Mudflap braces

Chevy Tailgate

Beautiful reproductions with 4 hinge cut-outs,  end-caps welded onto top fold, predrilled for top handles, and flat style hook latch.  These are 71 3/16″ long and designed to fit the standard box that is 69 1/2″ wide (id) and 14″ tall.   Use your own original hardware or order new below. (Does not include footloops or hinges)  52 lbs
$185 each

GMC Tailgate

Similar to above except longer (81 1/4″)
Does not include hinges and handles.
$195 each

Tailgate Hinges

5/16″ thick, formed, and plug welded.  Cleaned & primed  $36 each

Stub Hinges also now available for mounting on your body $32

Tailgate hinge

Tailgate Foot Loops (handles)

For top of tailgate; these will fit Chevy, GMC (including M211) and more.  They are cut out with a water jet and are very accurate; primed; Backing plates are  already included and installed on our tailgates.
$55 pair

GMC/Chevy Tailgate Footloops

Stake Pockets – 11 1/4″ long (most early models)

Stake Pockets – 12 5/8″ long (most later models with wood bed)

Stake pockets will fit Chevy and GMC as well as most Ford, Dodge, and Studebaker. Spot welded and ready to install. $25 each

GMC Battery Boxes

Between the battery acid and the elements, these are some of the first parts to go.  We have excellent reproductions available for your truck though.  $65 each. Bottom portion also available for $25.

GMC G508 battery box

GMC G508 battery box

Chevy Brake Line Set

Includes  9 pre-formed steel brake lines (cab cross-over has union for easy installation), with extra stone guards from original at potential rub points. This is the safest and easiest way to be sure these single cylinder systems are in good condition.

Chevy Hydrovacs

These are direct replacements for the Chevy single piston, Bendix Series III hydrovac (374000) common to most Chevy trucks. We also offer reproduction brackets for the hydrovacs too.
Chevy Hydrovac $388
Chevy Hydrovac Bracket $30

Chevy hydrovac bracket

Chevy hydrovac bracket

Heavy Duty GMC Hydrovac

These are newer and more robust hydrovacs perfect for your GMC CCKW. These are professional, fresh rebuilds done by Pace.  This is considered to be the optimum hydrovac retrofit by many DUKW owners and operators. Mounts with bolt-on, heavy-duty bracket sold below.  May not fit all truck body styles as it is a somewhat larger unit.

GMC HD Hydrovac $360 with exchange, $295
(We will pay $65 for your rebuildable series three single piston hydrovac – see pic below)
HD Hydrovac Bracket $65

Replacement Heavy Duty Hydrovac for GMC's

HD GM Hydrovac Bracket

Now Available – Original GMC Hydrovacs!

We are pleased to offer another VOV exclusive with our Bendix Series III (374750),  Single Piston Hydrovacs. Used on the majority of the CCKW’s, these hydrovacs are shot blasted, cleaned, new fittings added and professionally rebuilt.  They are limited quantity items based on availablity of stock, parts etc.   If you need one, order (or pre-order) today though to insure availability. Will also rebuild yours, with about a two week turn around.

These original hydrovacs are just $350 with your good core or $450 outright purchase (no core)

Original Rebuilt GMC/Bendix Series III Hydrovac

Original Rebuilt GMC/Bendix Series III Hydrovac

We also offer the following brake parts

  • Brake Shoes:  Banjo and split front shoes
  • Rear shoes: For both banjo and split axle
  • Front wheel cylinders; Stainless steel sleeved (New also available)
  • Rear  wheel cylinders; Rebuild kits, New or stainless steel sleeved
  • Flex Brake lines – NEW DOT approved; Chevy and GMC front and rear (for GMC specify banjo or split)

GMC Reproduction Mufflers

GMC G508 Muffler

GMC G508 Muffler

The GMC muffler above is another VOV exclusive.  It is an exact reproduction of the original except using higher grade aluminized steel.  Available for just $100.

Chevy Reproduction Mufflers

Also a VOV exclusive.  It was a task finding a suitable NOS Chevy muffler, but we did and we now have Chevy mufflers just like the originals!  Only $115 each

Milled Front Drive Flanges (banjo)

Milled drive flanges for Chevy G506 and GMC G508

Milled drive flanges for Chevy G506 and GMC G508

These are pressed apart, bored out to remove the splines, re-pressed back together and welded.  Keep your originals in your truck – you can remount them in less than 5 minutes if needed.  These will allow your front end to “free wheel” giving you:
1) More power (I am going up hills in 4th I never could before)
2) Better fuel economy
3) Easier steering
4) No needless wear on front drive train
5) Easy conversion back to 4×4 or 4×6

If your truck is primarily a parade truck, this is the way to go! Works on Chevy and GMC banjo axles.  Just $175/pair.  Flanges gaskets available too for $4.


Here are three tools that we recommend any owner have:

1. Bearing nut wrench.  Yes, it can be done with a chisel, but personally I would like to keep my bearing nuts new and not have all those steel chips in my bearings!  NOS for just $22

VOV also has NEW bearing nut retaining washers (aka spider washers) as many times the tabs have broken off or are ready to.

Bearing nut wrench

Bearing nut wrench

2. You can’t get your wheels off without a Budd wheel wrench.  These are sold complete with handle for $30 or wrench only for $15.

Budd wrench for Chevys and GMC's

Budd wrench for Chevys and GMC's

3.  Remote Starting Tool

Wouldn’t it be great if you could turn over the starter just a tad in order to get the points just right for a tune-up?  Well you can with this tool.  If you thought sliced bread was handy, you will LOVE this!  It inserts between the firewall and starter switch and while you are looking at the distributor – tweak that starter over.  Canvas welting prevents your paint from being scratched.

Remote starting tool

Remote starting tool