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List your Chevy or GMC parts here at No Charge!

Send us just one photo of your item (keep the resolution below 100kb or it can’t be posted) and your classified ad in “cut and paste” ready form.   Please notify VOV when the item is sold.   Items will be listed 12 months unless renewed.  Just email your ad to:


For Sale: Very straight CCKW 352 bed

All steel, needs stake pockets repaired (included) and a toolbox floor. $1150 including new stake pockets. contact



T.O. parts for sale.

CCKW split axle transfer case complete:  $425

Various front split axle [arts (parting out complete axle)

CCKW 5 speed transmission: $350

Contact VoV at


Chevy 1.5 truck parts for sale.  The parts were goig to be used on my WWII Chevy 1.5 truck.  Extra parts and not longer needed.
I can provide pictures and also set up a pick up time.  Parts are located in Southern California
1.  Gas tank from a Chevy 1.5 truck, original, professionally cleaned, tested with no major defects  $400.00  obo
2.  brackets for the gas tank, orginal and cleaned  $200.00  obo
3.  bumperets for Chevy 1.5 truck, original parts, both $250.00  obo
All these parts came off of an original Chevrolet 1.5 truck.  Any questions call me or email me at the below listed contact information
cell;  (323) 240-6488


NOS Evanair gasoline chassis heater.  Comes WITH original manual.  This hard to find WWII heater was designed to hand or sit under a variety of WWII vehicles to keep them warmed during the harsh European winter. This unit is complete with hose, lighting wick and manual.  Manual has moth damage on one edge but does not extend in to text.  $200  Contact

For sale CCKW engine decals.

Made of period correct materials  (lacquer ink on water slip media) .
There are two complete sheets available.
The ‘Early Sheet’ has the valve cover decals, the oil filter lid and early round AC oil filter body decal.
The ‘Late Sheet’ has the valve cover decals, the deep sump oil pan decals (2), the crankcase ventilation air filter decal, the oil filter lid and later oval type oil filter body decal.

Decals are also available individually.

Early sheet is $15.99
Late sheet is $24.99

email for more information

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Chevy Brush Guard with radiator frame; excellent condition;  $95.  Contact VOV

Early Chevy Brush Guard (serpentine); VG condition;  $85.  Contact

Open Cab Seat Frames; GC; Choice driver or passenger  $55/each.  Contact VOV

CCKW Data tags (shift pattern); All brass – NOS – WWII;  These are the real thing – not repro!    Just  $35   Contact VOV  Posted 11/22/13


Take-Off Chevrolet & GMC Parts Available in Northern CA; selling out 36 years of truck and parts collecting!

For availability & pricing call or email Brian with a list of your needs:

707-479-1595 or email Parts are located in Geyserville, CA 95441.

Here is a partial list:


Take-Off Chevrolet Parts Available:

Cab parts listed here are for closed cab; open cab parts are listed below under GMC


Axle, Front Complete

Axle, Rear Complete

Battery Box Brackets

Brake Backing Plate

Brake cylinder core

Brake Shoe pin

Brake Shoe arm

Brake Lever (hand)

Brake Pedal

Bumper, front for Winch model

Cab sheet metal panel, interior, upper rear

Cab sheet metal panel, interior, lower rear right

Cab sheet metal panel, interior, lower rear left

Cab sheet metal panel, interior, upper front

Cab Sheet metal panel, interior, lower front right or left

Cab trim strips, interior

Clutch Pedal

Cowl Vent

Cowl Vent Handle

Data Plate, Cooling

Dimmer Switch

Door Panel, inside

Door Trim Pieces


Driveline U-bolt

Engine Side Panels, lower (below fender)

Exhaust Pipe, NOS

Fenders, front

Frame, complete

Frame Cross member

Frame Section

Glove Box


Grill bottom panel (mounts to bottom of Grill)

Grill Side Panel (hood latch mounts to this)

Hand Brake Lever/linkage

Headlight Wire Cover, (under fender)

Hood Latch

Hooks for front bumper

Oil Filter

Pintle hitch complete

Pintle Hitch Spring, spacers, etc.

Pintle hitch mounting brackets and cross members, etc.

Radiator – fresh re-cored

Radiator (needs core)

Radiator Support

Radiator support brackets (angle iron to bottom of cab)

Running Board Bracket

Seat Support Bracket

Shock Absorber

Speedometer Cable, (new commercially made, not an original style reproduction)

Spindle, front axle

Spring Packs

Spring Shackle

Switch Panel, lower dash

Tailgate Handle/step

Toe Board (panel directly in front of floor board)

Transfer Case Lever

Transfer Case Linkage


Transmission parts


Vacuum valve, inline

Wheel (with bad tire)

Wheel, 22.5” tubeless (1) available

Winch Parts:

Bearing Retainer


Cable Guard


Gear, Worm & Shaft

Gear, main & Shaft

Sliding Clutch

Top Cover

Windshield Hinges

Windshield Latch, center



Take-Off GMC Parts Available in Northern CA:

Cab parts listed are for open cab; closed cab parts are listed under Chevrolet


Rear Axle Shaft

Axles complete, front Split

Battery holder

Bell Housing

Blackout light mounting base

Brake Booster Brackets

Brake Line Junction Block (Frame-mounted each side of 2nd axle)

Brake shut-off valve and bracket (in-line for front axle)

Bumper, front, reproduction

Data Plate, Cooling system

Data Plate, Gear positions / Winch instructions

Data Plate, Nomenclature and Serial # for model 352 Serial #267603 B2 Date of delivery 12-43

Data Plate, Nomenclature and Serial # for model 353

Data Plate, Publications: Parts list TM 10-1146, Maintenance Manual TM 10-1147

Data Plate, Publications: Operators Manual TM 9-801, Maintenance Manual TM 9-1801, Parts list (May   1, 1943) TM 10-1562

Data Plate, Road speeds


Engine core, 270

Engine side panel, upper (left side only)

Engine side panel, lower (below fender)

Fender, Front

Fuel Filter – frame mounted

Fuel Filter bracket

Gas Pedal, NOS

Gas Pedal, take-off

Generator Bracket, lower


Grill Side Panel (hood latch mounts to this)

Hood Hinges

Hood Latch

Oil filler with bracket

Oil Filter with engine-mount bracket

Pintle hitch complete, and as much mounting assy. Or frame as needed

PTO – Power Take Off for GMC 5-speed transmission

Radiator, fresh re-core

Radiator, (needs re-core)


Toe Board (panel directly in front of floor board) open or closed cab

Transfer Case Levers

Transfer Case Linkage

Transmission, 5-speed overdrive

Voltage Regulator

Wheel (with bad tire)

Wheel, 22.5” tubeless (1) available