Chevy Specifications

General Specifications

Engine: Chevy 235 cid, inline six, ohv
Horsepower: 83 @ 3100 rpm
Compression ratio: 6.62:1
Transmission: 4F 1R  with two speed transfer case
Tires: 7.50 X 20
Maximum Gradability: 65%
Turning Radius: 29 1/2 ft
Fording Depth: 32″
Angle of Approach: 45degrees
Gas Tank: 30 gallons (most models)

Fluid Capacities

Radiator: 17.25 quarts
Crankcase: 5 quarts (Oil filter takes 1.5 quarts for a total of 6.5 quarts) Typically 30w.
Air Filter: 1 quart 30W or current crankcase oil
Transmission: 5.5 pints 90W
Transfer Case: 4 pints 90W
Front Axle Housing: 13.5 pints 90W
Rear Axle Housing: 14 pints 90W

Ignition Specs

Spark Plug Gap: .040
Firing Order: 1-5-3-6-2-4
Point Gap: .018
Initial Timing Setting: 5 degrees BUDC
Intake Valve Clearance: .006 – .008 (hot)
Exhaust Valve Clearance: .013  – .015 (hot)

Parts Reference

Item Replacement Part Notes
Oil Filter NAPA 1503 Available from VOV at lower cost
Gas filter NAPA 3042
This will fit perfectly in the original filter case.  Just put a medium spring under it to keep the seal. In-line filter also recommended.
Spark Plugs AC  M-8
Champion  UY6
Autolite 3136 (old P6 or P6B)
10mm plug
(up to ’48)
Available from VOV
Points NAPA CS763A (up to ’48)
Distributor cap NAPA RR95 (up to ’48)
Rotor NAPA RR83 (up to ’48)
Condenser NAPA  RR174 (up to ’48)
Coil (6V) NAPA 29730
Fan belt Gates TR 28423 Also available at Vehicles of Victory;  Go to “parts”
Top radiator hose Gates 21942 Cut to fit
Lower radiator hose Any 1 1/2″ Cut to fit
Brake Cylinders Available from VOV with stainless sleeves, new or kits
Go to parts
Front left must be rebuilt to clear knuckle.
Brake Shoes Available from VOV
Go to parts
Master Cylinder Available from VOV with stainless sleeves. Go to parts
Wagner FD-4428
NAPA # 4355
Hydrovac Available from VOV
Front wheel bearings Inner: Hyatt 162433Z cone and NAPA BR33275 roller
Outer: timken 399-A or
Jim Carter ME390
Anyone have NAPA  or other #’s for these?
Rear wheel bearings Jim Carter MEB994 (outer); MEB995 (inner)
Hyatt B11786 (outer)
Hyatt D12051 (inner)
Anyone have NAPA  or other #’s for these?
Front axle oil seal Available from VOV
Rear axle seal ME677 or
Available from VOV.
Output shafts (4)on transfer case (CR)Speedi-sleeve #99200 Repair sleeve
Crankshaft pulley Chicago Rawhide (CR) #99176 Repair sleeve
Control rods on transfer case Chicago Rawhide (CR) #7413 Takes 2
Pinion Seal for differentials NAPA # 25970 or CR25970
Thermostat Temp Guard B-306 160 degree F
1/4 X 20 X 3/4″ clutch head screws Filling Station # GM1251 Available from “The Filling Station”
Front knuckle seals Same as for an M211/M135 Replace only one a year.  These wipe very hard and if you do both it won’t steer well.

Note 1: Although Chevy 235cid engines up to 1962 will bolt in, ignition components will differ (ex. spark plugs, points).  See tech tips for more info on this.
Note 2: Block components, such as main bearings are the same as the Chevy 216.
Note 3: See Other Resources for suppliers mentioned here and others.Later model 235 Tune-up parts  


Cap – Napa RR162
Rotor – Napa RR161
Sparkplug wire set  NAPA 700165
Oil pan gasket (for 1955 and later only) Victor OS/31116

Vehicle Identification Numbers
(VIN #’s)

The “N Model” Chevy vehicle identification number (VIN) is a 9-digit number located on the right-hand dataplate.

1st digit Assembly plant 1= Flint, MI
2= Tarrytown, NY
3= St Louis, MO
5= Kansas City, KS
6= Oakland, CA
8= Atlanta, GA
9=Norwood, OH
14= Baltimore, MD
20= Los Angeles, CA
21= Janesville, WI
2nd two letters Body Type
(1940-41 model year used Y and Z as prefixes)
NJ= Cargo less winch
NM= Cargo with winch
NH= dump less winch
NL= Dump with winch
NZ= Airfield crash truck
NQ= Bomb service truck
NG= Panel truck
4th & 5th digits (before dash) Month of assembly  starting with 8/1941
(Model year is from August  to July the following year)
8= August 1941
12 = December 1941
1= January 1942
7 = July 1942
Subsequent months are done by adding “12” to the above dates for each year (eg. 36 would be December 1943).
See below for more info
Last 4 digits Production Number All serial numbers run consecutively starting with 1001 in August of each model year.

Example:  VIN # 9NH323885 would be a dump  truck   (less winch) made in Norwood, OH in August 1943 with a production number of 3885


Month of Manufacture


JAN               JULY          DEC

1940             1                       7                12

1941             1                       7                12

1942             13                    19               24

1943             25                    31               36

1944             37                    43               48

1945             49                    55               60



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TM10-1127 Chevrolet Maintenance Manual 1 1/2 ton Trucks 1941
US Military Wheeled Vehicles, Fred Crimson, 1983

Vehicles of Victory Portrayal Press

You can also cross reference your casting number against the factory list by going HERE

More information is available in the “G506 Owner’s Guide and Illustrated Parts Guide”  Go to manuals for more information.